Here you can follow what changes are made.


Version 1.0

In version 1.0, there is a modern and minimal UI that focuses on user experience and the fundamental features of cevapp. Here is the features:


  • Recording: you can record your answer to the question as an auio file.
  • Sharing: you can share your question and answer as an audio file.
  • Internationalization: implemented internationalization in cevapp.
  • Playing: you can play your answers whenever you want.
  • Questions: There are 262 questions for you to answer and practice to improve your language for each supported language.

    What’s New

  • Privacy Policy is added.
  • Here is the Privacy Policy
  • Here is the Terms & Conditions

Bug Fixes

  • Backend problems are solved, now there is a smooth cevapp experience.
  • Typography bugs are solved for different screen ratios.
  • Component ratio bugs are solved.